Benefits of Keto Diet

keto diet benefits

The ketogenic or keto diet is a fast way to lose weight, but research suggests there are many other benefits with this low-carb, high-fat approach to eating.

I want to mention 10 major changes people might experience by following a keto diet plan.

1. Less cravings

Controlling your blood sugar levels helps you control your cravings. When we are not on a sugar roller coaster from processed carbohydrates, most people tend to make better food choices. 

2. Better heart health

It may seem unbelievable that a diet focused in consuming fats could be good for your heart. In a study, 22 of 26 cardiovascular risk factors and good HDL cholesterol significantly improved. The research though is still in its earliest stages to connect these improvements to nutritional ketosis. 

3. Sharper brain

While sugar might be a great quick form of energy, it doesn't keep your brain at its best. There is a lot of evidence coming out which suggests that the brain operates more efficiently on ketones than it does on blood sugar.

4. Increased energy

In the first week or two of the keto diet, it's common for people to experience the keto flu - a period in which you may experience symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, confusion, and nausea. These symptoms are a sign that your body is making the switch from burning glucose (sugar from carbs) for energy to burning fat—a process called ketosis. This change can leave you feeling tired for a little while, but once you break through to this phase, you may experience more energy and greater endurance.

5. Less anxiety and depression

Depression is becoming more common, and is a serious mood disorder causing severe symptoms that affect both a person’s physical and mental health. There is evidence to suggest that adopting a ketogenic diet can help depression by increasing the number of brain cells and GABA and reducing inflammation in the brain and body. 

6. Healthier liver

Fatty liver disease is a condition in which the liver becomes clogged with excess fat due to elevated triglyceride levels within the body. The treatment for a fatty liver includes avoiding the factors which contribute to it. Following a keto diet makes it easy to avoid eating bad foods, which helps your liver recover and thrive. 

7. Prevention against diabetes 2

In keto diet your daily carbohydrates intake is less than 20 grams, and for people with diagnosed diabetes, this may help them manage the condition. A one-year study found that putting people with type 2 diabetes into ketosis dramatically improved their blood sugar control. Being in ketosis also seems to prevent people from getting diabetes 2.

8. Reduces inflammation

Excess sugar raises inflammation markers in the body. Many people living with diseases resulting from inflammation are looking for alternative therapies for reducing the side effects. Ketosis and the keto diet can act as a great natural, food-based way to promote an anti-inflammatory state in our bodies.

9. Prevention against cancer

One research says that the keto diet may slow the growth of cancerous tumors. Cancer cells have plenty of insulin receptors on them, making them flourish in environments high in blood sugar and insulin. The research suggests ketone bodies may provide energy for your body without feeding the tumors.

10. Better sleep

Many people on a keto diet report sleeping much deeper, says Pamela Ellgen, an author of Sheet Pan Ketogenic. However, during the first three to five days after you start keto you may experience insomnia or sleep difficulty until your body adjusts to ketosis. Then, you may sleep longer and deeper, and feel more rested when you wake up.  

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